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3245 Grande Vista Dr
Thousand Oaks, CA, 91320
United States

JKL Technologies inc. is an information technology solutions firm, helping businesses manage, move, improve and integrate their entire technology infrastructures. They count on us to provide a single source of expertise in technology relocations, infrastructure build-out, audio visual design, as well as a host of client services such as computer aided drafting (CAD) and database development.


Technology Relocation Implementation & Planning (T.R.I.P)

Technology Relocation Implementation & Planning, or T.R.I.P.®, are JKL’s proven methodologies implemented at some of the world's leading healthcare, biopharmaceutical, automotive, and financial corporations, as well as several Universities. Your single point of contact for internal and external clients, vendor support and oversight of all of your technology relocation needs, including but not limited to datacenters, end user systems, and common area equipment such as printers, faxes, & copiers. A complete description of the T.R.I.P. methodologies follows to demonstrate how JKL can be of service to your organization.


JKL’s Asset Inventory/ Database Development Services provides a comprehensive audit of all hard assets to ensure that the appropriate equipment remains with its owner. JKL creates an inventory database unique to each client that itemizes content, electronic and telecommunication assets, and furnishings. Using our database, we can track each item from its origin to its final destination. We identify needed resources such as data ports, voice lines, power needs and any item that requires additional vendor support.

Our Circuit Schedule Development compliments the asset inventory package we offer. We will develop a voice & data circuit schedule that identifies asset information (type, model, etc.), location (building, floor, room, etc.), and connectivity information (outlet, port, slot, etc.) for each device.

Interdependency Assessment is vital to all aspects of your relocation project, because infrastructures are a complex set of interconnected, interdependent, adaptive systems upon which your business depends. The evaluation of the performance, reliability, vulnerability and impact of infrastructures is crucial to your systems when undergoing any new information technology project. JKL will evaluate both your current and new infrastructure to develop a sound relocation plan, helping you avoid possible project pitfalls and ensuring little or no downtime.

With JKL’s Strategic Planning and Implementation experienced project managers, using strategic analysis, will develop a customized schedule which will detail every necessary task, ensuring that all aspects of your project are successfully met. We ensure that your project produces the desired results, by remaining focused on the “Big Picture”, while simultaneously attending to crucial details.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning is a structured process aimed at insuring that normal business can resume as quickly and efficiently as possible after an unplanned or planned interruption. We recognize that with any technology relocation there may be risks. At JKL we evaluate every aspect of a project for the possibility of failure and ensure that a contingency plan is in place to address any situation

JKL understands that effective use of time and resources is a vital component of any I.T. project. Using our server and desktop Disconnect & Reconnect Services, frees up key personnel to focus on any network, software or hardware issues and provides valuable time required to thoroughly monitor and test your systems. Our technicians have been trained by a proven methodology executed at our client sites countless times. Based upon the project schedule we disconnect & reconnect each computer and any associated peripheral within a pre-determined time frame. By providing a team of trained, experienced technicians to perform all disconnects and reconnects, JKL allows your organization to maintain continuity of service and avoid costly downtime.

Working with your data &telecom representatives, we can handle all of your Voice & Data Connectivity Installation and Testing. Our experienced technicians can run all new voice and data cross connection/punch downs, test equipment connectivity and supply you with a complete circuit schedule.

JKL’s Post-Relocation Support provides the additional personnel needed to assist your staff upon their return to work following their relocation. No matter how successful your project is implemented post relocation support can make or break a project as perceived by the end user. Our “Help Desk” is staffed with experienced technicians able to resolve issues such as software configuration, equipment layout changes, network troubleshooting, or any tasks that coincide with your relocation.


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